Lawrence County Health Department

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The Lawrence County District Board of Health is committed to the responsibility of providing comprehensive health care, public health education and environmental health services to all residents within its jurisdiction regardless of race, religion, color, age and sex. The Lawrence County Health Department is committed to working with community partners to monitor community health status, identify and address public health threats, enforce laws that protect the public health, and provide services to prevent and control diseases. The Board of Health believes that the citizens of Lawrence County have a right to available health services that deal with providing a reasonable healthy environment, a safe water supply, safe food sources, safe recreational facilities and educational information provided in the prevention of disease as well as unhealthy life styles. The responsibility is sanctioned by the Ohio Revised code, the Ohio Administrative Code, the Lawrence County District Board of Health Regulations and by the General Public Health Standards.

2122 South 8th Street
Ironton, OH 45638
(740) 532-3962
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